Whiz Classical exists to champion and promote excellence in the Classical World in all its forms. It includes Classical Dance, Vocal & Instrumental. It seeks to celebrate the power of our rich cultural heritage by presenting the talent from our present generation.

Whiz Classical remains the pinnacle of achievement by providing a showcase of World’s best work, and by inviting collaboration among individuals who are actively doing outstanding work.

I don't have Credit Card and Debit Card, how do I make payment?

Payment can be made via NEFT/ RTGS also as
ACCOUNT NO. : 002311001503
INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT : Click here for Individual.
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The competition is to the BEST INDIAN CLASSICAL PERFORMER for
1. Classical Dance – It has 6 Forms of Dances
• Mohinyattam
• Kathak
• Odissi
• Manipuri
• Bharatnatyam
• Kuchipudi
2. Classical Instruments – It has 3 Instruments
• Flute
• Tabla
• Sitar
3. Classical Vocal – It has No different types of forms but have to be performed as per categories of age levels


1. Qualifying Participants
• Level 1 – 8 years to 12 years
• Level 2 – 13 years to 18 years
• Level 3 – 19 years to 30 years
• Level 4 – 31 years to 40 years
• Level 5 – 41 years to 60 years (Only Instrumental & Vocal)
(All the ages as on 1st January 2016)
2. Any change in spelling of your name, call or email to the Institute: info@whizclassical.com
3. In case of tie the prize amount will be equally distributed.
4. Prizes are given only to persons who win.

First Round rules ( Dance, Vocal, Instrumental)

The duration of video should be of 4 mins of your performance (pre-recorded). Please mention full details of your Name and your Performance in the Online Form.

Second Round rules (flute and sitar)

We will give 4 raga in each age group, they(applicant) have to choose any one from 4 given raga's.Please mention full details of your Name and your Performance in the Online Form.

Second Round rules ( Tabla )

We will give 4 optional Taal in each age group, they(applicant) have to choose any one from 4 given Taal's. Please mention full details of your Name and your Performance in the Online Form.

For second round only for Vocal and Instrumental, Uploaded video should be of maximum 4 to 7 mins. Please mention full details of your Name and your Performance in the Online Form

What you have to sing in Semi Classical?

You can sing Thumri, Dadra and Raga based film songs

What you have to sing in Classical?

You have to sing Pure Classical in a Pure Raga. Using Tanpura and Tabla is optional.

What you have to sing in Sugam Sangeet?

You can sing Ghazals and Bhajans.


1. The contest is governed by the rules set by the governing body.
2. Participating School's / Institute's / Guru's & Classes must abide by the code of conduct, failing which they may be disqualified from the contest at any time without prior notice.
3. The governing body may substitute prizes, amend the rules or discontinue the contest at any time without prior notice.
4. The governing body disclaims any responsibility to notify participants of any aspect related to the conduct of the contest.
5. All entries become the sole property of the governing body and will not be returned.
6. In cases of power failure or slow Internet connection during the contests, the governing body will not be held responsible.

What can i do if i can't attend being an overseas participants?

First 2 rounds are online and the last round will be in Mumbai, one day before the award ceremony.We have several participants from various countries & will have a recorded video presentation for those unable to travel for the last round in front of the judges so as to ensure fair chance to all selected participants. Award function is on 10th of oct 2016 and last round is one day before in Mumbai.


Please note while Submissions for all entries
• Entry Title – Give the detail's of your performance. Mention your name in the beginning of the video of your entry appropriately
• Contact Details – Who can we contact about this specific entry? Please mention these details at the end of the entry video
• Before you start your Video, please give your name, level & details of your performance.
• References – Any references taken from anywhere. Please mention these details at the end of the entry video


Files for Upload
• Video can be taken at home on a mobile but has to be clearly audible & visually clear.
• You must upload performance videos for all entries. This process will be required during the online submission of your test.
• Video Entries will only be accepted through online upload. DVD’s will not be accepted
• They can be uploaded in .mov or .mp4 formats

Selection CRITERIA

Performances will be evaluated on the following elements –
• Technique – 20 points total
• Expression / Showmanship / Bhava - 20 points total
• Execution of Performance - 20 points total
• Overall Performance – 20 points total
• Costume / Rhythm - 20 points total
There is Maximum of 100 Points per Judge


Rs 1000/- per entry. Students can enter only one entry.

Rs 750/- per entry if the School / Institute / Guru & Classes Registers the Student or Group Booking for Students of minimum 10 students or more

A.Entry Fee Payment Option
Students register and pay for their own entries. At the end of the online entry registration, students can choose ONLINE PAYMENT using a Credit Card / Debit Card/ Cash Card/ NEFT/ RTGS

All registrations must ENTERED & SUBMITTED on the online entry system by 31st July 2016.

C.Entrant Eligibility
1.Entrants must be participants from Age 8 years and above.
2.Applicant's age will be verified by Whiz Classical team through email communication.

D.Awards & Honors
Prizes as mentioned in the levels of 1 to 4 & all the five dance forms, vocal & the three instrumental forms along with cash prizes, are awarded to each winning individual. Additional Merit Certificates will be granted. All winners will be published in the Whiz Classical Annual.

E.Winners/ Finalists
The TOP TEN finalists will be contacted by 16th September 2016. All awards will be presented during the Whiz Classical Mega Award Show in 10th October 2016 in Mumbai City. All entries become the property of Whiz Classical and will not be returned. All finalist work will be retained by Whiz Classical for use in the Whiz Classical Annual. The entrant also grants permission to Whiz Classical to show or license others to show, edit and publish the entries at such times and in such manner and media Whiz Classical deems appropriate. The decisions of Whiz Classical Judges are final, including determinations as to eligibility.

F.Participant Final Competition
The Annual Final Competition will be held one / two day's before of the Mega Awards Show 2016. All those nominated for the Final Round for the Whiz Classical Competition are required to perform on 8 th/ 9 th Oct 2016 in Mumbai, in presence of Eminent Panel of Judge's. The selected Nominated winners will give a live performance in front of a panel of judges .

Due to unavoidable reasons the director at his discretion can change the date & venue of the examination. Unique ID number should be maintained for future correspondence.

• Entries must be submitted by applicant only.
• All entries must submit work that is authentic, entered as aired or displayed, and is within the spirit of the rules.

I.Submission Restriction
• A applicant can submit only one entry per registration.

• Whiz Classical reserves the right to review all entries questioned during the judging process.
• Not complying with the rules and/or attempting to enter fraudulent submissions will result in the following consequences: An applicant will be banned from entering Whiz Classical for 5 years.

K.Please Note
• All necessary emails will be automatically generated through our online.
• Whiz Classical reserves the right to disqualify entries submitted without proper submissions or verifying the creation of the submissions.
• All entries become the property of Whiz Classical and will NOT be returned.
• Please make sure your work is eligible before you proceed to payment.

PHOTOS & VIDEOS OF THE APPLICANT’S PERFORMANCE WILL BE USED/EDITED/ Digitally ENHANCED for promotion of the whiz-classical event 2016 & for future in all forms of medias – newspaper , out of home, Digital , TV etc .
WINNERS of the WHIZCLASSICAL EVENT may be published in all forms of media & MAY BE PROMOTED on various SHOWS in TELEVISION in INDIA & ABROAD . ALL the income from such TELE PRESENCE will be shared with Whizclassical in equal proportions.

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